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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

So it occured to me at lunch today that I had yet to blog. I met with my boss today for my annual performance review (that was supposed to be done in February). After we met and discussed things, I started on something he wanted me to write up and became involved with that. SO--that's why I forgot to blog. All in all, I think my performance review went well, which is good. Something of note is that I finally told my boss about being accepted into Princeton and that I'll be leaving in the fall (probably leaving my company in July). I haven't written much (if anything) about this on here in case he or someone from HR found me. Needless to say, he was surprised but I think happy for me, and wants me to help hire a new person and train them. So it went really well and I feel good about the whole thing. I also feel good about not having that secret anymore. I absolutely hate secrets. Now I just have to trust that I'll still have a job by July but if I don't, that by God's grace, I'll manage until September.

Anyway, I've finished The Future of Life (fittingly, I finished it on Earth Day), and have now started on two other books (in addition to the ones I'm also currently reading). The first is The Purpose Driven Life, which I am reading one chapter a day for the next forty days. The second book I am now reading is called Telling the Truth: The Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy and Fairy Tale. So far, the Telling the Truth book is really neat. I'm only early into the first chapter (or it may even be the introduction) and the author is recounting Pilate as this chain-smoking guy of authority, driving around in his town car, worrying about the insurgents or whatever. It's a totally different view of looking at familiar characters within the Bible. I'm excited to continue on in reading it.

I didn't make it to Ben & Jerry's last night, so I may try to go to Baskin Robbins tonight for their free cone deal. The last two years I've gone to Baskin & Robbins on their free cone night with Ryan...hmm...maybe I should call him to see if he wants to go. It's tradition, afterall! (Thanks for the heads-up about the free cone night, Danny!)

- Jenny, 4/28/2004 01:00:00 PM

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