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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

So it just occured to me that I have yet to blog this morning. I read the blogs and then started working and I guess that was that.

I made an appointment to meet not the doctor but physician's assistant this afternoon. I'm pretty sure my weird illness is allergies. It seems that this happens to me every year and I always forget how powerful allergies can hit me if I'm not taking my medication OR if my medication isn't working (like in this case). I also made an appointment with the doctor for a physical--next possible appointment is June 7th. Crazy.

I left work early yesterday and went home to rest. I wasn't tired, but sorta forced myself to go to sleep, since there was nothing on the TV (except for home-designing shows and soap operas) and I didn't feel like reading. I finished my 1949 book this past weekend and so now I'm going back to reading the O. Henry short stories. I love, love, love when I'm in the middle of reading a really good book, but I absolutely hate starting a new book. Also, I'm at this weird point where I want to read about everything but I also realize that I have only limited time and can only read so many books at a time. For instance, here's a dilemma that I've been dealing with: I really want to re-read a Steinbeck book...maybe East of Eden, since I've already read Grapes of Wrath a couple times. But the problem is that if I go back and read one of those books (which I have previously read), I am pushing back the potential to read about new stuff and to learn about new stuff. [sigh]

Anyway, I have to go--I am working on an RFP that needs to be done by tomorrow.

- Jenny, 4/13/2004 10:59:00 AM

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