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Monday, April 05, 2004

[sigh] The weekends go by so quickly.

So I picked up this book at the airport when I went to go and visit my grandparents in Arizona. Actually, I arrived at the airport not two hours before my flight, not one hour before my flight, but twenty-five minutes before my flight, due to a mishap in trying to find parking at the airport, an overly kind parking bus driver who wanted to wait for everyone in the parking lot to load the bus, and then a snag in remembering how to actually check-in at Burbank airport, which seems to be somewhat different than when checking in at LAX, for whatever reason (Actually, I think it has to do more with America West's presence at BUR than the difference of checking in). Needless to say, when I finally figured out how to check-in, they were boarding the airplane. It was at this point, while rushing through the terminal to get to the gate that I remembered that I forgot my other book that I had intended on reading. So, I quickly stopped in the airport store made for people like me (who forget to bring stuff like toothbrushes, books, etc.) and grabbed one of the first books I saw, which happened to be 1949: A Novel of the Irish Free State by Morgan Llywelyn. I had never heard of this book before but I figured I didn't have time to browse, so I purchased it and quickly made my way to the gate, where I boarded with ten minutes to spare. It was just a tad bit stressful.

Anyway upon reading the first chapter or two of 1949, I decided that I didn't like it but that I was stuck with it, at least for the weekend. It's historical fiction (which I tend not to like) and it's about the conflict between Britain and Ireland/Protestant and Catholic, which I don't really understand. However, being that I cannot simply start reading a book without finishing it, I am now probably 1/3 of the way into the book and I love it (I think Stephanie would love it, too). The story's protagonist is this young woman in Ireland who is fiercly nationalistic and political and refuses to bow to the norms for women in the time period (which, I believe, ranges from 1921-1949). Last night I read the book for a couple hours, and I had to force myself to stop reading it because I needed to get sleep in order to wake up for work this morning.

Anyway, my weekend was good, although I am still feeling somewhat sick...have had a consistent fever of 99+ degrees this weekend (highest was 99.4). Watched Oceans 11 with Stephen on Friday, went to Descanso Gardens with Yesenia, Terrence & Sergio on Saturday (the tulips were beautiful, but I did not take any pictures), went to church on Sunday, which was an absolutely wonderful service, and then went to my aunt's house for dinner last night. I had a nice time at my aunt's house, which was crowded, crowded, crowded, but had an especially nice time talking to Jenn & Jessica (and I'm not just saying that because I found out that Jessica reads my blog regularly).

So...guess I better get to work. My goal today is to continue to weed through my emails and to work on the youth group's website and to go to the post office.

- Jenny, 4/05/2004 10:26:00 AM

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