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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Please don't call me a non-blogger! I'll simply be out of town on Friday, returning on Sunday, in event of Amanda and Jared's wedding in Las Vegas. I have been asked if they will be married by an Elvis impersonator, but cannot confirm that rumor. I think it's going to be a civil ceremony at the MGM. And I'm sure it'll be nice and I'm sure the cake will be good. :)

I was going to pretend I was sick tomorrow so that I wouldn't have to ask my boss if I could not come in (I have asked for approximately a week's time off in May to see my brother graduate), but my conscious broke me down and I asked my boss yesterday if I could take the day off. So, I will be legit, which gives me peace of mind.

Last night I went to my painting class. Last week when I went, my teacher came by and noticed this color I was using--Green Gold and he really liked it and said he was going to get his own tube. (It's a very pretty yellowy-green) Well, I went last night and he was talking about how he went and he got his own tube and how he loves it and it's his new favorite color and how it was cool that I introduced it to him. :) I felt so special! I absolutely think the world of my teacher--he's a great artist and a great person, so it was special to me that I had an impact on his life.

After my painting class I went out for Baskin Robbins ice cream with Ryan and Nat (and I think Jennie Murray met up with us). Funny enough, we saw Shane, Jessica & Stephen there! It was a fun time, had by all.

- Jenny, 4/29/2004 09:59:00 AM

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