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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Ok, so I guess I have a sinus infection. I'm on some antibiotics for a few days and I have to take some Sudafed decongestant stuff, so hopefully I'll start feeling better. I like that I can breathe now, but I'm still getting headaches. Hopefully those will pass away after a day or two.

On the way home from my appointment, I saw a couple of middle schoolers on the side of the road with a lemonade stand. I drove past as they waved their "Lemonade 50 cents" sign frantically at me, so I drove around the block and bought one cup of lemonade for fifty cents. I think it's one of my convictions to always buy lemonade from aspiring entreprenuers on the side of the road. I think because I remember one day when my brother and I set out to sell lemonade on our street corner. I remember being sorely discouraged by the experience because we didn't sell too much...people just don't stop and buy a cup of lemonade. Consequently, I will always stop for kids selling lemonade, even though I don't even really like lemonade all too much.

Well, I have some things work-related and non-work-related to be doing, so I'll have to say adios for now.

- Jenny, 4/14/2004 10:45:00 AM

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