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Thursday, April 01, 2004

My day off yesterday was WONDERFUL.

First, it was enlightening. For the past few days I have been waking up before 7 a.m. because my neighbor's alarm clock keeps on going off on what must be full-blast. I haven't been able to understand it, either, because if I can hear it and I'm a whole house away from her alarm, why does she/he just let it go? Can she/he not hear it? Can she/he not turn it off? Is she/he dead??? Well, it never occured to me that the beeping that I was hearing was not an alarm clock for the neighbor next door but instead bulldozers and other heavy equipment backing up as they create this new bikeway close to my house.

Second, it was productive. Not only did I do four loads of laundry PLUS the washing of my delicates, but I also cleaned this area of my bedroom that has been disturbing me because I just have too much stuff. I also washed the dishes with my really awesome, new OXO dishwashing brush. How could I have washed dishes without it?

Third, it was relaxing. I read some of this book I bought at the airport to bide my time while in Arizona (forgot my other books in the car), read a National Geographic magazine, watched Radio Days on cable (the DVD player is mysteriously broken--all of a sudden it does not recognize ANY DVD...) and took a nap.

Fourth, it was oddly social. While at home, I believe at least five people called me (most not knowing I was sick) on my cell phone to talk or to ask me a question or whatever. The funniest thing was when Terrence called me to see if I wanted to go to lunch, since that is what he does every day... I politely declined. :)

My day at home yesterday was so great that I really had to talk myself into coming into work today. Note to self: must get sick more often. However, I have had the insatiable desire to go to Holland ever since I met Danny's new roommate, Jorrit, an exchange student from Holland (studying climate or something). So, I don't suppose that I'll get to Holland any faster if I stay at home. Nope, must continue to come into work and make money. :(

In other news, last night I hung out with Adam (and Stephen, once he got home). Adam was a very, very good friend to me--he replaced my burnt-out headlight (yay!). I'd like to say that I helped, but mostly I just stood around, holding the flashlight asking if maybe I should just take it into the dealership to get fixed (since it looked extremely hard and difficult to do).

Lastly, happy birthday to my friend Steve Frost, who was legitimately born on April Fools' Day. He shares his birthday with actress Debbie Reynolds (1932), director Barry Sonnenfeld (1953) and, oddly, a bunch of cricketers ( L P Jai-1902, John Murray-1935, Ajit Wadekar-1941, Aftab Baloch-1953, David Gower-1957, John Morris-1964, Stephen Fleming-1973)

- Jenny, 4/01/2004 10:44:00 AM

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