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Thursday, April 22, 2004

I'm so excited!

From time to time I get free pens in the mail at my company. I guess because I've ordered pens before, Amsterdam Pen has decided to send me pen after pen in the hopes that I'll order more pens (little do they know that we have hundreds of three different pen types to last us until the next millenium). Most of the time I open the letter that the send me, take out the pen, throw the letter away, and figure out something to do with the pen. Sometimes I keep them in my desk drawer, sometimes I give them away, sometimes I put them in my purse (only to lose them shortly thereafter).

I'm excited because last year they sent me this one pen that I absolutely LOVE. I love the thickness of the barrel, the width of the line is not offensive to me (aka, it's not too thick), I love that it's a clicky pen, and I love clicking the removable pen clip. I've looked online for what the pen looks like, and this is the closest I can find. I've received pens from Amsterdam after receiving the magical pen (I probably get one pen every two months), but none with the same...wonderfulness as this other pen that they sent me. The best news is that yesterday they sent me the same exact pen in a different barrel color! This time it's a sort of metallic charcoal barrel instead of metallic teal.

I hope they send me another one!!

- Jenny, 4/22/2004 12:16:00 PM

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