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Monday, April 12, 2004

I'm not feeling too well this morning...headache sore eyes and neck pain that seem to be left-over from yesterday. The neck pain could be from house-sitting this past weekend (sleeping with a foreign pillow always throws me out of whack). The headache and sore eyes could be allergies or it could be residual stuff from being sick last week. Maybe I'll go home early...maybe not. All I know is that I am definitely calling the doctor today to get a check-up, just in case.

My weekend was ok. Friday night I went with my dad and his friend Sean to see Goodbye, Lenin (which I swear has the same soundtrack as Amelie). I guess I forgot to tell my dad that it was in German and had subtitles because once we were in the theatre and I mentioned that, my dad wasn't too thrilled to be seeing the movie. The movie was good--not as funny as the trailer led me to believe, but still interesting.

Saturday I fed the homeless and got my nails done...nothing super exciting. Went to bed SUPER early (~8 p.m.) because I just couldn't stay awake.

Sunday I went to church for our Easter service. It was really, really nice. Then I picked up Stephen in Pasadena and went to my aunt Trisha's house for Easter. Since Stephen didn't have anything going on, I offered for him to join my family for our Easter lunch. I hope he had a good time--my family is a tad bit...eccentric, so you never know what will happen. Yesterday Dad planted one of Danny's walkie-talkies and spoke through the other one, pretending to be the Easter bunny. Keana was all confused--it was very funny & cute. We also walked from aunt Trisha's house to the beach and explored the tidepools for a little bit. There wasn't that much going on in them, but it was fun nonetheless.

- Jenny, 4/12/2004 11:01:00 AM

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