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Friday, April 02, 2004

If it wasn't enough that the Friday Five was off last week, it is also off this week. :( In lieu of the FF, I will answer Kathryn's One:

Would you vote for a political candidate if he/she had been on a reality TV show? Does it make a difference? Why or why not?
Hmm...I guess it would matter to me not that the political candidate was on a reality TV show, but instead I would care about what the candidate was like on the show and which show he/she was on. The subject of the show and the person's actions I think point out what sort of person the candidate is.

I was feeling all peppy on my way into work this morning but have since gotten here and now feel kinda lousy/sick with headache. I do think I have some sort of minor illness because my temperature has been slightly feverish at 99 for the last two days. Of course, it's nothing I can't work through and stuff--it's just a little bit annoying.

Hey, Danny, you should bring Jorritt to Easter (I think it's at aunt Trisha's pad this year) so that he can tell me more about Holland! Also, I tried a sip of your cider (from Dad's bottle--mine's still in the fridge) and I liked it very much!

I have certain goals for work today. One is to respond to all of the emails in both my AOL and work account that I have been putting off. Another is to help the youth groups get their website in order so that they can maintain them on their own. Yet a third goal (which sounds very simple, but may not happen due to laziness) is to mail out a couple of packages.

- Jenny, 4/02/2004 09:47:00 AM

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