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Monday, April 26, 2004

I can already tell that today just won't be very productive for me.

It has been so hot here lately, but I'm not complaining--it's the hot that I actually like. Warm, dry and breezy. Last night it was so hot that I actually turned on my ceiling fan and slept with that on the whole night long. It felt really nice.

Anyway, I had a busy, but nice weekend, which seemed really long (which is probably why it was nice). I left work late on Friday because I needed to get some work done (that actually was personal, but I was doing it at work) before I left for the weekend. Friday evening I went to the Galleria to shop for some stuff then went home, only to be called by Stephen to ask me if I wanted to go in with him on an money-making venture having to do with glowy frisbees and equations. So, I went over to his pad for a little bit and he explained the whole thing to me, so I might help him come up with a design having equations and stuff on it.

Then, Saturday, I went over to uncle Brad's house to wash my car and take a walk. After I returned home, I cleaned all of my stuff out of the place where I was house-sitting and then went home and my dad and I decided to go to the Burbank Farmer's market. We returned home and ate some of the produce for lunch and then I did some stuff that I can't remember around the house until ~1:30-ish when I went to go have coffee with Jenn (although I had a boba and she had a Subway sandwich, but we still refered to our date as getting "coffee") before heading over to Dalia's son's one year-old birthday party. We hung out there for awhile and then I rushed home to get ready for a formal I went to that evening. I was impressed with myself that I was able to get ready for a formal in under one hour (there's slightly more preparation for a formal than getting ready for a normal work-day) AND I thought I did an excellent job on my hair. I got ready and then headed over with my friend Matt for the formal in honor of Briana, one of my graduating high schoolers. She is in National Charity League and, at the end of their senior year, all of the girls in NCL have a coming-out/debutante ball where their accomplishments are applauded. I was so honored to attend this event to celebrate Briana (and equally as honored when I attended Amberle's last year). She is growing up to be a very fine woman of God. Anyway, there was clapping, dinner & dancing. I took pictures--eventually I'll download them and upload them to my website.

Sunday I went to church with a throbbing headache (leftover from the night before) and took a nap when I got home, hoping to sleep it off. That wasn't really successful, but it gradually ceased sometime late yesterday afternoon. I'll have to go back to the doctor because my headaches have not stopped (which slightly worries me). Then I guess I went to a candle party at Jennie's house and then I guess I came home and did some laundry.

- Jenny, 4/26/2004 11:35:00 AM

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