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Thursday, April 08, 2004

Big congratulations to Shane Ross (no, not the Irish Senator Shane Ross) who became a doctor yesterday! Shane is my first friend (but not the last) who has completed his Ph.D. Should I call him Dr. Shane or Dr. Ross? Maybe he will allow me to just continue calling him Shane...drop over to his blog to congratulate him. :)

In additional Ph.D. news, Stephen has decided to attend MIT starting this fall to pursue his Ph.D. in Astronautics/Aeronautics (at least, I think that's what he said he'd study).

After work yesterday I went to my watercolor class. The class is a community class held through Sierra Madre, so it's very unintimidating because all skill levels take the class (from one man who's 79 and hasn't painted since he was 9 to one man who works as an animator for the Simpsons to one girl who's in high school). I absolutely love my teacher, who is not only a great painter but also a really, really nice guy. Anyway, last night the class demo was the new Los Angeles Cathedral. My painting started out with promise but, I think because of the paper (it was cold press, which is really bumpy) I used, it just didn't work, so I would try to fix it and then the fix didn't work, so I would try to fix it yet again--all to no avail. I haven't looked at it this morning, but I'm sure it's not any better today. I'm thinking that I might try to paint it again tomorrow on a different sheet of paper.

After my painting class, I stopped by Shane's Ph.D. celebration, which ended shortly after I arrived. :( After I had returned home, I was WIDE awake and could not sleep. I think I finally was able to fall asleep sometime after 3 a.m. Surprisingly, I'm not too out of sorts today, which is good.

Tomorrow (Good Friday) is a day off for my company, which has always struck me as weird because my company is owned by Jewish men. Although I don't have any plans, I will enjoy it regardless. :)

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- Jenny, 4/08/2004 10:43:00 AM

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