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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Yesterday was really cool because I got a call from Tyler on his way home from an early morning of skiing at Mountain High (or some other ski place) and he was passing through Monrovia and wanted to know if I wanted to get lunch. So, we met up at Matt Denny's in Arcadia. I love it when friends happen to be visiting the Monrovia area (or when they go out of their way to come to Monrovia) and go out to lunch with me. Likewise, if I am out of my normal element and in an area where I know a friend works, I absolutely love to go to lunch with them. It feels all adult. And, it's a bonus if I am allowed to see their work-space!

Went to the eye doctor this morning for my 1-month check-up. I still have a teensy-tiny irritation on my corneas, but can see 20/20 perfectly, so I won't have to have another appointment with the doctor until June. I will have to continue with my routine of Bion Tears every 4 hours (I have been slacking on remembering to do this regularly) as well as putting in the goopy, Neosporin-like consistency Refresh P.M. Eye Lubricant before bedtime. Not too bad...I'm even getting used to putting in the Refresh Lubricant, so it doesn't creep me out anymore.

Looked at my Cingular phone bill this morning and decided that I have to do something about it. Last month my charges were ~$60 for the month...this month they're about ~$80 for the month. This is all because I switched from the regional plan this past November to the nation-wide plan. The nation-wide plan has lower daytime minutes (250), but I also incur no roaming. If I go over on my daytime minutes, though, it costs ~40 cents a minute, which has killed me these past two months. I could switch back to the regional plan, but then would not be covered if I went out of state, which isn't really an issue until the summer. Starting in the summer, I'm really going to need nation-wide coverage continuing from then on. So, I have been debating what to do this morning...I could switch back to the Cingular regional plan until I need to change it during the summer and then investigate into a better plan (either with Cingular or another provider) OR, I could just switch right now and not have to worry about it during the summer. At this point I'm thinking to switch back to the regional plan, although I'm still up in the air as to what I'll do.

- Jenny, 3/04/2004 10:42:00 AM

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