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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

There was major backlog as I was entering the freeway this morning. The carpool meter was on and, of course, holding everyone back. So, I waited in line like the rest of 'em and maybe four or five cars before it was my time to enter the freeway, these two other cars sorta sneak up on the shoulder of the on-ramp and expect to be let in line. The first car merged pretty successfully, but the gold car ahead of me would not let the other car merge, probably because it's so aggrevating to see someone "cheat" their way in line and expect to be treated properly (or, at least, that's how I always feel). So, the car trying to merge (which was actually a red truck with a camper shell) got ROAD RAGE and tried to drive into the gold car which wouldn't let him merge. After this action, the guy who wouldn't let him merge, still wouldn't let him merge and continued to drive forward--you could tell the anger in him at this point (which is somewhat deserved because the red truck did almost drive into his car). THEN, if the red truck guy didn't take the hint that the gold car still refused to let him merge, the red truck guy continued to drive alongside the gold car and rolled down his window and started yelling at the car and indicated for the guy to roll down his window. So, the guy rolled down his window and yelled back at the red truck guy and then drove forward and entered the freeway...the red truck, sucessfully merged between the gold car and my car, entered the freeway two seconds after the gold car...I'm sure that, because the red truck didn't get in line two seconds before the gold car, he must have been late to work today.

So the biggest news that happened yesterday is that I have finally received EXCELLENT information from the finance committee at our church regarding my committee's finances. Our meeting last night was SO great because we had exactly the information we needed in order to allocate the money to those ministries in need. This is a HUGE answer to prayer.

- Jenny, 3/03/2004 09:55:00 AM

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