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Monday, March 01, 2004

So my weekend went like this:

Friday night I went to the Pop Show to see Briana perform. (Here are some pics from previous years) In general, the show always looks very good because of the connections that Burbank schools have, but I was really impressed with the quality of the acts this year. They have some really talented singers at Burroughs.

Woke up the next morning SUPER early and went to church to help out with a pancake breakfast until 11-ish and then I went home and showered (there was no way I was showering at 6 a.m.) and then went out with my dad for lunch. After lunch, we went over to Fry's for a tax software program and my dad also showed me the flat-screen TV and monitor that he's interested in buying. Just as we're getting ready to leave, we run into aunt Ellie & uncle Scott, who are also there to buy a tax software program. So, we go around the store and my dad shows them the monitor he wants to get and they show us large appliances they want to get and eventually, we all leave, tax software in hand. Return home and think to myself that I ought to get over to my house-sitting house to check on the dog but dad wants to show me something on the internet, so I stay home a little longer and then head back to the house-sitting house around 2:30/3-ish. Walked into the door and was mortified--the dog peed all over the carpet AND pooped on the carpet and walked through it, tracking it all over the house. Consequently, it took me a good, solid two hours to clean the carpet, the dog, and various rags I used to clean. On a side note, it was the first time I had ever given a dog a bath, which wasn't too pleasant of an experience, but it wasn't horrible, either. I was so mad the whole time--not mad at the dog, but mad at myself because I didn't check on the dog sooner. After cleaning, I went back to my house and met up with Stephanie and she and I met up and went to dinner and then drove into Hollywood for ComedySportz, which was good.

Then, woke up the next morning and went to church and then immeditely went home to check on the dog. There have been 0 accidents since the day of doom--2/28/2004. Hung out there for an hour or two and then went to see the Passion at the Arclight with Jenn & Kurt. Overall, I thought the movie was good, although it did not necessarily move me. There were some parts that I noticed were moved around (meaning that they are mentioned earlier in the gospels but put into the last 12-hours to make the last 12-hours make more sense) and some parts were added (artistic license), but overall I thought the film to be very true to the events (although it was very Catholic in the sense that it focused a lot on Mary, which the Bible doesn't necessarily do. The only thing that really bothered me about the film is that, although it did incorporate the resurrection (which is really the point of Christianity), it was only for like two minutes out of the whole movie. I would have liked to have seen a little more of the resurrected Jesus. Also, the music behind the glimpse of the resurrected Jesus and the way that it shows him walking out of the cave (grave) was a little too....Terminator-esque for me. It felt to me more like Jesus was going to avenge those who put him in the grave, rather than showing the hope and promise that we've been given. So--that's my take. After the movie, I went to dinner with Jenn & Kurt and then went back house-sitting and watched Amadeus (which I had been watching in short segments throughout the day. Later on that night, Marian & Andy called, so I met up with them and had some tea while they ate Fatburger. And, can I just say that I love Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf not only because they have the really yummy Moroccan Mint Tea Latte, but also because they don't try to fancify their ordering system--you want a small? You just say, I'd like a small tea latte. I think that is wonderful.

- Jenny, 3/01/2004 11:52:00 AM

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