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Monday, March 29, 2004

So I'm back from the weekend (well, day, actually) at my grandparents. I arrived in Phoenix and caught the Sun City Shuttle that my grandma RSVPed for me. On the drive there, it was remarkable to me to see so much development and yet, so much space (inevitably, for more development). Also on the drive there, I forgot that Sun Cities (Sun City, Sun City West & Sun City Grand) all paint their citrus tree trunks white. It's a very curious sight...I asked the driver why they do that, and I guess they do it as a sunblock for the tree trunks. Weird.

I arrived at my grandparents' house and my grandma Lucie made me a sandwich for lunch and we sat and talked and she asked me, of all things, about Google (I guess Newsweek had an article about Google). Now, my grandparents are very far from being computer literate. They do have some fancy-schmancy Lexus and they have a small pride of it having a computer in it--one of those GPS map generator things that tells you where the nearest gas stations are, etc., although they don't use the Lexus GPS computer because they don't really understand how to use it. So, I explained what Google was and how great Google is because there are so many different uses, etc. Then my grandpa came in from the garage and so we sat and talked and grandma told him about how I use Google and he proceeded to tell me how Google wasn't "worth a nickel." And so began my weekend with my grandparents. I tried to argue a little bit with my grandpa, telling him of Google's uses and how quickly it retrieves all the information, etc. and then he went off onto a tirade starting with Google, then he talked about Bill Gates then he managed to tie in Billy Graham, then I think he talked about the end times. When you talk with my grandpa Chuck, you don't talk, you listen...and that's just how it is. But it wasn't all bad. My grandpa teased me because I say "really?" a lot, which is something that he says he remembers my dad saying a lot (which my dad does, so that's probably where I got it from). So, he would throw in, "Oh really?" in various places when he would ramble about this or that subject. It was actually quite funny.

It was really nice seeing my grandma Lucie. One of my favorite things about her is listening to her thick German accent. Something that I've realized over my past few visits to see them is that grandma is actually quite sharp. I guess she sorta has to be, since grandpa is 89 (going on 90 this December) and is suffering from mild dementia. Grandma made me another pair of her knitted slippers, which are fabulous. Maybe next time I visit them I'll have her teach me how to make them.

Another thing about my trip that I realized and considered to be odd is that both of my grandparents live on golf courses. Grandpa Jack on a golf course in Rancho Mirage and my grandparents in Sun City West. I was sitting out on my grandparents' patio this weekend (the weather in Arizona was absolutely perfect) watching golfers come by and lose their golfballs in the water hazard/small lake in front of my grandparents' yard. Overall, it was a nice trip, although I am glad it was short. Time moves v e r y s l o w l y over there in Arizona. Maybe it just moves very slowly at my grandparents because my grandpa is so old that, consequently, my grandparents don't do anything (my grandma, who is a much younger 72, stays mostly around the house to care after him).

Upon coming home from Arizona last night, I left to go to Ryan & Nat's house to meet Ryan's mom! It was so exciting to meet her! She made dinner (first time I've ever had meatloaf--good) for us and even taught me how to make her delicious Bosnian teacakes recipe. Mmm...Bosnian teacakes. :) She's visiting her boys and going to a conference here in the US before heading back to Bulgaria, where she and her husband are missionaries. I am so excited to have met her--I definitely enjoyed hearing about Ryan as a little boy and hearing about her mission in Bulgaria and talking about theology.

- Jenny, 3/29/2004 10:34:00 AM

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