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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Read my email when I got in this morning and discovered that my brother responded to a survey of questions that I sent out. Imagine my surprise when I read the answer to this question:

26. Say something nice about the person that sent this to you.
Jenny creates excitement in the unexciting aspects of life.

Isn't that so sweet? What an awesome brother I have. :)

Went to high school group last night, the first time since my two-week hiatus. It was wonderful. The students love Dustin, magically (it seems) Dustin has developed a ton of new adult leaders, and it is evident that God is working in great ways in the lives of the youth. I am very pleased, and as such, I was thinking last night that I may stop being a leader earlier than when I was thinking (I was thinking of leaving around mid-June/end of school year). I am confident that the students are in good hands.

Cut my ankle while shaving this morning. Haven't done that since high school, I don't think.

- Jenny, 3/09/2004 09:50:00 AM

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