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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

It seems that I am the authority when it comes to the "longest arm hair" when searching on Google. Sure, I'm listed second, but I have officially received two emails from random people about that post. I received the second email this morning from Steve B. of Seattle, Washington. It's pretty cool to receive random emails like that. :)

In my last statement from Washinton Mutual, I discovered a brochure indicating that Washington Mutual has this new program (WaMoola for Schools) where, every time you use your Washington Mutual Visa debit card, you can give points to any K-12 school of your choice. At the end of the year, Washington Mutual converts those points into dollars and writes each institution a check. This service is free for both the schools AND for participants--Washington Mutual pays for all administrative costs. I think this is an excellent idea! The hard part is trying to decide which school to direct my points to. Normally, I would just indicate Burbank High School, but I checked and they already have 11 cardholders dedicating their points to BHS (which is tiny compared to ~35 people giving their points to Burroughs!), but I was thinking about how Monterey High School (which is a continuation high school in Burbank) probably never reaps this sort of reward because it is a continuation school and the public tends to care less about students who go to continuation schools. So, I decided to dedicate my points to Monterey HS. SO, if any of you are Washington Mutual people (ahem, Terrence), I highly suggest you go to the site and sign up for a school of your choice!

Last night I received a letter from the child I sponsor in Thailand, Orrawan, through Compassion International. I always love getting letters from her--it's such a surprise. In her letter, she said that she likes to visit waterfalls when she has a holiday. How sweet is that? She also drew me a picture on the letter of a house and two Christmas trees and a person standing in front of the house with a scarf on. It actually made me think--is this what she really thinks of when she celebrates Christmas? Or, are the people in her project telling her what to draw? Or has our Westernized picture of Christmas infiltrated into Thai culture? I went to Thailand in the "cold" part of the year and I know that scarves would probably never be necessary there. In fact, I would be surprised if they sold any scarves in the country. Regardless, it was a cute picture and a sweet letter. I promptly wrote her back last night and will be mailing it out today!

- Jenny, 3/16/2004 10:29:00 AM

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