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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I'm staying home from work today. Yesterday afternoon my stomach didn't feel all too well and I still don't feel great today. So, since I'm not working on anything really (much less, anything important) I decided to call in sick. So Terrence, don't get all worried when I don't come in today. :)

Saw Ladykillers last night with Heather & Jason. It's the Coen brothers' latest film. It was good, definitely better than the last couple movies they've done, but still (somewhat) lacking when compared to my favorite Coen brothers' movies--Hudsucker, Lebowski, O Brother, etc. It still had signatures of a Coen brothers' movie (eg: fast-talking, idea man, a foiled plan, etc.) but their movies are just a gazillion times better when they write the story themselves. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie & would recommend it (someone has to see it to confirm my belief that Eddie Murphy was the choir director--the choir director wasn't credited, but I swear it was him, bouncing around and looking all hilarious). On a somewhat unrelated note, I was reading on IMDB yesterday that Ethan Coen went to Princeton University! How cool is that?!

- Jenny, 3/31/2004 08:28:00 AM

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