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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Funny, I had all sorts of things to blog about yesterday evening on my drive home and now I can't remember one single thing I was going to blog about...Oh, I remember that one of the things was that as I was driving home (and this will probably only be interesting to people I work with) I passed a Passat on the freeway that had a license plate that read "SNMP" (Simple Network Managment Protocol). The lady who was driving didn't look like she knew anything about SNMP, so I can only assume that either looks are deceiving or that she has a different meaning to SNMP.

Something exciting happened today. I have never been good at making my bed and have never had the inclination to be consistent at making sure my bed is made...I think it's all part of not being a morning person. Well, this year I decided that it is important for me to be consistent in making my bed, so I have been very determined not to leave the house without straightening the covers. I woke up today for my extremely early Bible study that I go to (or at least, try to go to) on Tuesday mornings and I left the house without making my bed. I returned and got ready in the morning and as I went into my room and looked at my bed, I was disgusted that I hadn't yet straightened the covers. This is a thought that would have never come into my mind before. The hardwork & dedication has paid off! I made sure to make my bed before I left for work this morning.

I guess I'll get my car washed at lunch. It is very dirty on the outside & in! I also have to replace my left headlight. I have the bulb to replace it, but am afraid to replace it on my own, as the directions in the instruction manual are somewhat imposing to me. Maybe I can try to do it this evening if I get home early enough, so that it's still light outside. Or...maybe this weekend. All I know is that it's been out for at least two weeks and I am tired of driving with my fog lights on to help pretend that all is well with the lighting up front for my car...

- Jenny, 3/30/2004 10:34:00 AM

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