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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

So this morning I'm not feeling too well. I think it has something to do with a cream-cheese filled muffin that I ate this morning at work. Bleh. I won't be making that mistake anymore.

Also a pleasant surprise this morning--a Valentine's lollipop addressed personally to me from the president of my company! Very sweet (no pun intended). This past weekend I was surprised by the various Valentines I have--Kathryn, Aunt Ellie, Grandma Lucie & Grandpa Chuck, an e-card from Kathryn's mom Dede, yummy cookies from Uncle Brad, and homemade goodies from Heather & Jason. :) I am blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

As I answered my email this morning, I was surprised to have an email from a stranger named Jackson who emailed me regarding my post about my one, long arm hair. It seems that he was searching on Google for "longest arm hair" and somehow ended up at my site. See, Jackson also has one long arm hair and he considers it to be lucky. He used to have a long hair on his leg, which was also lucky, but has since been stolen. Very funny!

Woke up this morning after having a strange dream. It seems that I dreamt the newest party game. Here's how it goes. You invite a bunch of people over to your house and they all bring 10 items or so and visibly hide them around your house. Then everyone is given a checklist of items you have to find and you go around the house trying to locate the various items. It was quite fun in my dream to hide the items and look for other items. There was some sparkly, green confetti that I either hid or found in the dream that I was particularly enamored with.

Returned yesterday from camp with the high schoolers. Camps aren't always my favorite things for a number of reasons, but this weekend was pretty good. The camp staff didn't annoy me too much (which is amazing), the high schoolers were fun to hang out with (especially the rides there and back with Everett and Spencer and Michelle and Brittany/Ian), the messages that the speaker gave were honest instead of being manipulative, hanging out and talking in the cabin with the girls was also very fun. The weekend wasn't without trouble--I got angry with a few of the boys over something sorta stupid and I had to discipline them, which is tough for me. Later on that afternoon, I had to take a drive partly to listen to a new CD that I bought and partly to really consider my actions and if I did the right thing (I think I did). I took some pictures but, actually, not that many. I'll probably post them to the church website and then give you all the link if you want to look. :)

- Jenny, 2/17/2004 10:54:00 AM

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