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Friday, February 20, 2004

My sore throat is still here, although it's not too painful. It does make me sound awful, though, so I've been getting a lot of sympathy that I may not deserve. The worst thing about this whole cold is that the inside of my ears have been super itchy and irritated.

Tried to paint last night but got bored and ended up sleeping through Huell Howser and the Shakespeare show that I wanted to watch. I don't think I was necessarily tired--I think I ended up falling asleep because it was some episode about Palm Desert and Huell was interviewing someone about the longest living plant ever (that looked dead to me). I usually like Huell, but I think he has taken things too far...

Someone is eating an Egg McMuffin sandwich and I can smell it. I cannot believe that people eat those vile things. :(

And now, the Friday Five:

When was the last time you...
1. ...went to the doctor?

The general doctor or any doctor? The last time I went to the general doctor was in September. The last time I went to any doctor was the 12th of this month to see Dr. Shuham, my optomotrist.

2. ...went to the dentist?
The 10th of this month.

3. ...filled your gas tank?
The 18th of this month.

4. enough sleep?
Last night--went to bed before 10 p.m.

5. ...backed up your computer?
I don't think I've ever done this. I have backed up some files that I have on my work computer, but probably not since sometime last fall.

- Jenny, 2/20/2004 09:28:00 AM

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