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Monday, February 09, 2004

My face hurts. No, really. I went to the dermatologist this morning and they gave me a pumpkin chemical peel (and picked one zit for me), which I love (the peel--I don't particularly like it when they pick my zits), but it makes my face tingly in a not-so-nice-way for a good hour. This is the week of doctor appointments--I had one today for the dermatologist. Tomorrow morning I go to the dentist (my favorite! Hellllloooooooo clean teeth!) and Thursday morning I go to the eye doctor, AGAIN.

So I was thinking this weekend, what exactly is up with the phrase, "I really enjoyed myself." For example, say you go to a party and you later say to the host, "I really enjoyed myself." Isn't that really like saying, "I didn't get anything out of this, but I really like myself and so it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be because at least I had myself there." Am I mistaken?

Anyway, my weekend was fun. :) Friday night Terrence and I drove up to Saugus to watch Saugus HS play Burbank HS in basketball. See, Terrence went to Saugus and I went to Burbank, so it was a sort of rivalry thing, except I know that Burbank sucks at pretty much everything. In fact, I think our only skill might be that we suck at everything. Consequently, it wasn't much of a surprise that Saugus beat us by at least 20 points.

Woke up entirely too early on Saturday morning to go to a Presbyterian mission conference held at Bel Air Presbyterian Church, which is amazingly least, their sanctuary is amazingly beautiful. I guess you could say it's a beautiful church for beautiful people. I heard a rumor that it is the church of Ronald & Nancy Reagan...not too shabby. Anyway, the conference was really cool because it highlights the multicultural ministries that Presbyterians support, so there's all sorts of different types of music and seminars about different things connected with the denomination. The coolest thing, though, is that the current moderator of the Presbyterian church was there, and gave a sermon. The moderator of the church is sorta like the Pope, in that the moderator is our ambassador to the world for the entire denomination (although a term for moderator is only two or three years, so it's entirely different than being the pope). Our current moderator is a woman AND a pastor of a church somewhere in New Jersey, I think. I just think that is SO cool.

Saturday night I went over to Stephen's house for a game night with Heather & Jason and Jenn & Kurt. It was all mostly fun (especially hearing Stephen describe the word "mini-skirt" in Taboo as a "small kilt"), except for a lengthy argument about foreign language articles ("La" and "Los") when we were playing Scattergories. Luckily, we all sorta got over it and played Taboo for about three hours. I had a lot of fun.

Sunday I went to church and then went to a couple of meetings, including a meeting about an upcoming mission trip to Kenya this summer to help out a destitute street children's dormitory. I am very excited, and am having a hard time realizing how different my summer and fall will be this year, making it easy for me to remain in the moment. After church, I had lunch and went to the nice yarn store and learned how to finish off making a hat. Because of the pattern I was taught to decrease by, they tops all look kinda funny and hole-y. Returned home and hung around my house for a little until I met Stephen and two other guys from Caltech to go to this concert held at the Calvary Chapel in Redlands. We saw this amazing guitarist named Phil Keaggy. He is so amazing that I think he may be my most favorite guitarist. Some of the things he was doing were just amazing--I don't think I can even attempt to explain it. And he was very cute and endearing between songs. I bought one of his CDs (Acoustic Sketches 1), and will probably buy more in the future (like Freehand, his follow-up to Acoustic Sketches). You can listen to some of his songs here. Got home around 10:30/11 and ended up talking on the phone with Heather for two hours or so. Getting up this morning was rough, but I'm pretty ok now.

- Jenny, 2/09/2004 12:00:00 PM

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