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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

My back hurts (in the middle). I must have slept on it wrong last night.

I realized yesterday, when I was in a meeting, that I had forgotten to do birthday shout-outs:

Happy 22nd birthday to my brother, Joey! Joey's birthday was on February 8th, this past Sunday. By the age of 22, U.S. swimmer Mark Spitz won a record 7 Olympic gold medals, James Joyce left his family, his church and his country for the European continent, in order to become a writer, and Caresse Crosby became the first person to patent a brassiere, which was made of two handkerchiefs and ribbon sewn together.

Happy 26th birthday to Paris! Paris shares her birthday with my brother Joey. By the age of 26, Albert Einstein published five major research papers in a German physics jornal, fundamentally changing man's view of the universe and leading to such inventions as television and the atomic bomb, College dropout Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple Computer, and Antoine Joseph Sax invented the brass saxophone.

Happy birthday to aunt Trisha! Aunt Trisha turned 43 yesterday. At the age of 43, Annie Taylor, a widowed school teacher, went over the 160-foot-high Horseshoe Falls in a barrel, John Fitzgerald Kennedy became the youngest man elected to the United States presidency, and Music teacher William Herschel discovered Uranus.

Happy birthday to my uncle Roger! Roger's birthday was also yesterday, although I don't know how old he is. Just went to go and look up who was born on February 10th and I don't think I've seen a sadder lot of celebrities than those who were born on my birthday. The best I can do is Sharon Stone (1958), Roxanne Pulitzer (1951 - The Prize Pulitzer), and Donovan (1946).

- Jenny, 2/11/2004 10:58:00 AM

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