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Monday, February 23, 2004

I had a very good weekend. Last Friday I started house-sitting again for another couple who will be away for a few weeks. Their dog is blind and somewhat deaf (old age), so it's mildly amusing to see him walking around the house banging into walls and stuff. Was sitting down watching TV on Friday, deciding what I should do for dinner before going to Vicky's birthday party, and got a call from Stephen asking me if I wanted to go with him and Adam to get Korean food and then go see 50 First Dates (Sorry, Terrence, saw it without you). Feeling mildly bad about ditching Vicky's party (I gave her a maybe answer anyway), but wanting to see a movie instead of playing pool, I agreed and Stephen picked me up and then we picked Adam up and went to this Korean restaurant in Glendale, where little English is spoken. In fact, Stephen called ahead to get the hours that the restaurant was open and he spoke English and they hung up on him. So, he called his dad (Stephen's family lived in Korea for a number of years when he was younger) to ask him to call the restaurant to ask them how late they stay open, and Stephen's father would not do it--instead, his dad gave him the words to ask the Korean restaurant himself. Anyway, it was my first time eating Korean food (besides the Korean sushi Kim Bab that makes me throw up) and it was pretty good. After eating, we drove to the movie theatre and met up with some of Stephen & Adam's friends from Caltech and saw 50 First Dates. The movie had its moments but overall, it's an Adam Sandler movie.

Woke up the next morning and didn't do much...woke up late, watched a little Love Connection, etc...very lazy Saturday morning. Took a walk around lunchtime then got lunch with my dad before heading down to San Diego to meet up with my family for dinner. On the way down, I quizzed Dad and Uncle Brad about facts I was reading from the 2004 Almanac, which was in Dad's car. For instance, is it more likely for a household in Germany to own a refridgerator or a washing machine? I'll put the answer in the comments. When we arrived at Aunt Sally's, we took a look around her house (she's remodelling), and it's really, really nice. After waiting around for an hour or so, we all went to dinner (I think there were 10 of us total--we were missing Uncle Scott, Grandpa & Berri and Joey) and had a really great time. At least, I did. My family is rad. And I like how we like to be with each other. Not all families are like that. Then we went back to Aunt Sally's for awhile and headed home.

Slept in an hour later on Sunday than usual and then went to church and had a good time. I love my church. After church went to the store to pick up some groceries and went to my house-sitting house. My friend Jean came over to try to instruct me about how to knit a sweater, but my gauge kept on coming out wrong. I was supposed to have a 4x4" square by knitting this yarn on size 7 needles, but my gauge keeps coming out bigger than 4" even on size 5 needles. It would be awful if I had to knit the whole sweater using size 3 or 4 would take forever! After a few hours, she left and I paced around the house, wondering what to do next. I tried to watch TV, but there's just never anything that can capture my attention on TV. It's all boring or not funny and stuff. So, I read for a little bit and then fell asleep and then woke up, desperately bored. Called Jenn & Kurt and we went out to dinner and then watched a movie over at their place. It's funny talking to Kurt, who is a 9th grade Biology teacher. It's funny because he'll talk about things he does as a teacher that I remember being forced upon me that were horrible. For instance, he makes them outline the chapter in their Biology book. I think I had both Biology and History teachers that made me do that and I can remember hating it because it actually forced me to read the material. So, I told Kurt how awful he was being and he sorta agreed--he told me that he really doesn't like telling them they have to outline the chapter, but that the students won't learn it any other way, so he sorta has to. Poor kids.

Anyway, that was my weekend and it was fun.

- Jenny, 2/23/2004 10:52:00 AM

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