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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I am extremely tired this morning--so tired that my eyes hurt. I had a really hard time sleeping last night due to congestion and unsleepiness (which is not a word, but I'm coining it now). Went over to Adam's last night (normally would say Stephen & Adam, but Stephen was at work until late, so I mostly hung out with Adam) to help Adam mend his snow pants and to watch The Pirates of the Caribbean. Adam is super funny and I had a really good time. A much better than I would have had alone watching Willie, the blind dog I'm house-sitting. Willie is slowly getting on my nerves...and it's only day 4.

It is with extreme, sarcastic joy that I announce that I get to perform one of my most "favorite" tasks of my job tomorrow: I get to go to Laguna Beach to have a PR meeting. Since the last I've met with them, the PR company has been acquired into a much larger PR company that, no doubt, charges more and gives less (which is hard to believe because they already charged a lot for the crappy, incomplete service they already gave us as the old company). There are a lot of minuses about going to the PR meeting (we have to start planning for an upcoming tradeshow in June), but a plus is that I will be in Laguna Beach, which is beautiful, and that I will most likely only have to work from 9 am to 12 noon.

- Jenny, 2/24/2004 09:57:00 AM

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