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Monday, February 02, 2004

Although the sun was shining this morning making it seem like there was 0% chance of rain, I changed my outfit once I heard that rain was likely in the afternoon. I am wearing a lime green turtleneck today. I love lime green, but am afraid that it doesn't look that great on me. :(

This morning I am somewhat bothered for a few reasons. The first is that my left eye is blurry. Usually, my left eye is the eye that sees better, and it has been seeing 20/13 since my surgery. Today, however, the 20/20 line is somewhat legible, but mostly blurry. Also upsetting is that I awoke at 4:30 in the morning because I was too stressed out about the finances for the committee I'm in charge of at church. Tomorrow is our monthly meeting and the finances are way screwed up because of a new bookkeeping system that came into place this past year at church. This whole past year we've been working on straightening things out, but there's only so much you can do with volunteer workers who are not finance-oriented when talking to professional finance people. If you all could pray for these two things in my life, I would be really grateful.

My weekend:
After winning the salsa contest at work with my homemade mango salsa (that's out of a recipe book--I didn't make it up from my head), I went to dinner at a church friend's house on Friday night. They wanted to tell a few other people and myself about this organization that they're a part of called Project Vote Smart. Project Vote Smart is a non-partisan, non-profit, independent organization which collects data about state-wide and nation-wide elections--from factual stuff about the issues to each and every candidate who is running. Tad & Paul (the couple who threw the dinner) somehow got involved with this organization and have even gone to the organization's ranch in Montana to help verify the facts. They are having dinners for those in the congregation who might be interested just to learn about Project Vote Smart, hoping that we Americans will begin to vote according to what matters--the facts, not rhetoric. After dinner, I went over to Stephen & Adam's pad and watched the remainder of Goodfellas.

Saturday morning I woke late, did some laundry, and went to Descanso Gardens (one of my most favorite places to go!) with my dad. Usually I go to Descanso Gardens by myself, so it was weird to be there with someone else. I will have to remember to go in March/April to see the Tulips! Not too much was in bloom this past weekend--just the camellias and the cherry blossoms. But it was still very nice to be outdoors with plants all around. After a few hours at Descanso, I went to Steve & Kristen's house-warming party and caught up with old friends. It was good to see everyone, and has made me realize how long and short a time it has been since high school/early college. After I left the party, I went home and changed my sheets and did some more laundry until about 6-ish when I went to the Laemmle theatre in Pasadena to see Girl with a Pearl Earring. Scarlett Johansson was great in the movie, as was Colin Firth. Actually, all of the people in the movie I thought acted well, including the mother in law, Judy Parfitt. The point of the movie, though, was...a little boring to me. But maybe that's because I don't view the painting as "scandalous" because of the society I have grown up in. Dunno.

Sunday I went to church and then went out to lunch with Kathryn, which was excellent. I miss being able to hang out with her all the time. I wish we had more time to talk. Unfortunately, I had to cut it short because I had to go shopping for food for our youth Superbowl party. As usual, the party was a big success--the students love coming to the church to watch the Superbowl. As usual, I was ultra bored and even the commercials couldn't keep me going. Instead, I spent some time surfing the internet and I even went for a walk with Michelle, one of the high school students, who also was disinterested. After that, I went to my aunt Ellie's house for a little bit and then went home and to bed early.

- Jenny, 2/02/2004 11:20:00 AM

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