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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I have added the Christmas pictures, but it seems that I have exceeded data transfer again, making the site unviewable for now. Can anyone recommend a good, cheap web hosting place???

So Terrence just walked in and we started talking about web hosting and lo and behold, Terrence was talking about how HE wants to have his own personal website, too. Hm...I'm not saying that Terrence is a copy-cat or anything, but it's a little suspicious that I started a blog and then he started a blog. Then I decided to get LASIK and then he decided to get LASIK. Now I have started making my own website and now he is going to make his own website. Hmm... :)

Today is my last day of house-sitting. The lady I am sitting for comes back from Thailand this afternoon, which spells out good times for me--I get to sleep in my own bed tonight and tomorrow before I go and house-sit on Thursday night for another couple. Thank goodness the Thursday night thing is only one night (it's a trial run to see if I like house-sitting for their dog, who's blind)--I have grown weary from house-sitting in the past week or two. It's hard to spend a couple of weeks to a month sleeping in another house.

I realize that yesterday I did not talk about my weekend. It was good! Friday night I went out for coffee with Kurt, Stephen, Shane & Jessica.

Saturday I scheduled a game called Blue Gnu in the Burbank mall. Some of my friends (Amanda, Jared, Shane, Jessica, Stephen, Lisa, Jenn, Jason, Chris & Tyler) dressed up in subtle costumes and walked around the mall. The students had cards with the character names on them and they had to try to find my friends based on their character name--sorta like a 3-D Where's Waldo. All of the students had fun, except one of the students got mad that he couldn't find Shane and Jessica. I think he's still bitter about it, actually. I have a picture of all the characters, but cannot download it from my camera because I am awaiting the return of my USB cord that Terrence borrowed.

Saturday night I went out with Chris and Tyler to Gordon Biersch for Tyler's birthday. Something magical happened there--I ordered food and it actually came without mushrooms! That has never happened to me the few times I've been there. After dinner, we saw the Butterfly Effect, which I liked (although I was very scared through various portions of the movie and I even screamed at one point). The cool thing about the movie, though, was that it clearly illustrated to me the immense sacrifice that God made sending Jesus to earth for the wellbeing of humankind. I don't think the movie was supposed to illustrate this--it's just something that I was thinking of.

Sunday I went to church and we had our annual congregational meeting, so I didn't get home until the mid-afternoon. After doing some errands, I met up with Terrence at Forest Lawn and he practiced driving my car (a stickshift) and then I went home and paid bills and other fun stuff.

Oh, and I haven't talked about it much on here, but I have good news--my church has hired a new youth director. Yay! He'll start in mid-February, which will mean that my life will be a lot less busy and crazy. For this, I am supremely grateful. Now if only I could decide whether to stick with the high school or middle school ministry...

- Jenny, 1/27/2004 10:59:00 AM

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