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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I don't really like blogging in the afternoon. It couldn't be helped today--had some charts to work on this morning. My boss is here today and, no matter if I have work or not, I feel that I must at least look busy. I hate this feeling. Ugh.

Anyway, after some meetings last night talking about budget stuff for church (another ugh), I went out for a late dinner with my brother, his girlfriend Carrie, his friend Nathaniel and my dad. All in all, I had a really nice & fun time. I'm sure Dad was really pleased when he spilled his soda on Carrie. (note sarcasm) I especially think it was cool that Nathaniel came--I really like Nathaniel, and I'm not just saying that because I told him my blog address last night. Back in the day, Joey had a couple of friends whom I didn't care for (and whom he doesn't care for either) and it was just really annoying when his friends came over. But now I like Joey's friends ("The Nerd Squad" as my dad likes to call them) and I like seeing them when they come over.

Among other conversation items last night, Nathaniel asked me if it was in fact true that I said that the new Buena Vista library in Burbank is "rad." I confirmed this and Nathaniel proceeded to tell me that he does not think that the new library is rad because they have very few books. I took this into consideration and I realized that I made my judgement based on the glitz & glamour of the lirbary (really nice furniture, good lighting, a lot of computers, etc.), not considering the actual purpose of a library: books. So, I am retracting my comment about the Buena Vista library--it is no longer rad. It is very nicely designed with a paucity of books.

- Jenny, 1/14/2004 02:28:00 PM

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