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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Good News:

  • Yesterday I had a very bad attitude--went to sleep early and woke up with a good attitude!

  • My car is clean.

  • I'm getting my nails done this afternoon.

  • I'm still really intersested in working on my website.

  • I don't have to house-sit tonight.

  • My room is as clean as can possibly be right now.

  • I have new pyjamas--always a good thing.

  • Can I just tell you how much I love streaming audio?

Bad News:

  • Went to the optomotrist today and it turns out that I have a slight irritation on my cornea because I used the Zymar drops for too long. (The Zymar drops are an antibiotic or something.)

  • I have to continue taking my Pred Forte drops at even more frequent intervals. I hate the Pred Forte drops because they cloud my vision for about a minute and make me look like I cry milk instead of tears.

  • I still haven't received my reimbursement check for LASIK from my Cafeteria Plan.

- Jenny, 1/29/2004 10:36:00 AM

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