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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Blogging from home. Have already successfully completed a number of errands this morning. Just about to go to the yarn store (Le French Yarn Store) to pick out some yarn for Stephanie's scarf. The nice yarn store (Stitch Cafe) is closed today. :( I need to go there to figure out how to finish the caps that I'm making. I mostly only said "cap" in the last sentence to spite Kathryn. :)

As I sit here in the office in the garage at home, I'm wondering why there's a jar of sauerkraut in a ziploc bag here on the desk. I'm sure, in my dad's twisted reality, it makes sense.

It is absolutely wonderful outside today. I am very glad that I took today off of work. This morning, one of my errands was to go drop off the yearbook ads to Mayfield high school (a small, Catholic girls' school) in Pasadena, off of Orange Grove. As I got out of the car, I realized that I absolutely love the smell of eucalyptus, especially eucalyptus after it rains. So totally fresh. Anyway, went into the school and was amazed--it is one of the prettiest places I've been to. The grounds are all manicured and the school itself is like a converted mansion. It is absolutely beautiful. Made me consider whether I should go back to high school and try to get in there...or at least figure out how I can be the janitor there.

Anyway, lunch & the yarn store calls! Hopefully next time I see you, I will be able to actually see!!

- Jenny, 1/21/2004 11:45:00 AM

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