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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

So I just went to visit my blog and I realized that I have yet to blog today. I came in this morning and immediately had to leave to pick up some paper for some work I needed to do. All morning long I worked on making product registration cards and I guess I got so focused that I forgot my normal morning routine of read blogs > blog myself.

I think today I'll talk about my new jacket (made by these people, but I can't find the jacket on their website) that I bought at REI. When I bought the jacket, I thought it was brown. Later on, the weekend after I bought the jacket, I was convinced that the jacket was olive green. Later on still, I thought the jacket was brown, but as I am writing this, the jacket is clearly olive green. It kinda bothers me that I can't pin down exactly what color this jacket is. But what is cool about the jacket is that it came with an offer for a free scarf. So--at least the scarf sorta makes up for the mind-play of the jacket. The picture looks like the scarf will be grey, although knowing this company, it'll probably be purple or something.

So I think I may be finished with all of my Christmas shopping except for aunt Trisha's gift. I can't ask aunt Trisha because she is in New Zealand driving grandpa and Berri around because you can't rent a car in New Zealand if you're older than 75 years. I did, however, just get an email from her, so I will attempt to email her back asking for a list. Or if any of you have any gift suggestions for aunt Trisha, I will also consider those as well--leave suggestions in the comments.

- Jenny, 12/16/2003 02:32:00 PM

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