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Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I woke up ultra early this morning to spend time with ladies who are mostly over 65. They are older women of my congregation who have all been part of this Tuesday morning Bible study that I used to go to, but haven't attended this fall because I need my sleep. As I was sitting there this morning, I realized (yet again) how cool it is that I get to spend time with these ladies, all of whom have very interesting lives and who are very loving and active. It also reinforced my excitement to get old. I'm telling you, old people have the right idea--get up early, garden, retire and spend your days however you want them, travel...there are just so many plusses.

Last night was my last high school group of the fall (Wednesday will be my last middle school group). I am looking forward to taking three weeks off before I begin leading the group again in January (I have little hope that we'll hire someone by then). It would be great if we could get more adults interested in helping out, but a lot of adults just seem very reluctant. Last night we played some Christmas-themed strobelight charades, which are incredibly hard but really fun. We also watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, my most favorite Christmas movie. It was a good night, but I am excited for the break.

- Jenny, 12/09/2003 10:14:00 AM

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