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Monday, December 22, 2003

Another Monday, another tired Jenny. Sometimes I feel like a broken record.

I had a good weekend. My plan on Friday night was to hang out with Heather & Jason, but that didn't work out because Heather was at her mom's house for a good portion of the day. Instead, I went to the movies and saw Mona Lisa Smile. I was quite surprised--I went to the AMC 6 in Burbank, and it was like a ghost town. There were very few people at the movies. Presumably, they were all shopping. I really liked Mona Lisa Smile and I thought that there were interesting questions raised in the movie.

I woke up early on Saturday morning (it was painful because I talked to Heather on the phone for...a long time after the movie) and drove to Cedars-Sinai hospital to give blood. I love giving blood at Cedars, and I'm glad that my mandatory year off of giving blood (for fear I caught malaria in Thailand) is over. After giving blood, I went to Le French Yarn Shop and then I went to a luncheon at a friend from church's home, which was really, really nice. After the luncheon, I went to see Return of the King, which was extraordinarily scary. I held my hands over my eyes in more than a few sections of the movie. Then I went home and knitted and wrapped presents and intended on going to bed early, but went to bed late, which I have taken to lately.

I went to church on Sunday, which was wonderful. After I finished at church, I went to Terrence's and hung out with him and Sandy for a bit and then went back home to prepare for dinner at aunt Ellie's later on that evening.

All in all, a good weekend.
All in all, I am exhausted.

I don't always do it, but here are some Unconscious Mutterings:
  1. Exchange:: Currency
  2. Parental Advisory:: CDs
  3. Blowout:: Sale
  4. Spider:: Lord of the Rings
  5. Happy:: Sad
  6. Intense:: Movie
  7. Corrupt:: Greed
  8. Got:: Had
  9. Crude:: Rude with a C
  10. Three:: 's Company

- Jenny, 12/22/2003 10:44:00 AM

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