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Thursday, December 12, 2002

I am certain that there is nothing quite so annoying as a drunk woman. She gets not only loud, but selfish. On second thought, I am certain that the only thing more annoying than one drunk woman is three drunk middle-aged women hanging out together, listening to music. They not only are loud x3 but both selfish individually and corporately.

My night pretty much went like this: Left the house. Realized I needed gas. Got gas, back on the road, hit traffic. Get around traffic, get on the freeway with just enough time to get there at the start of the show. Get three blocks away from the Wiltern and realize that I have no cash to pay for parking. Frantically look for a bank or 7-11. Find bank, get money, make quite illegal moves when driving into the parking structure. Arrive at the concert, find my seat, already in the midst of Toad's set. Sit down, enjoy the show until the drunk middle-aged women show up (~5 min). Proceed to hear about how the women don't want to listen to this band, etc. Toad's set finishes (they're a little rusty around the edges, but overall sound really good and it is nice to hear their music again). I pull out my book to read inbetween sets. The loudest woman turns around and asks me what I am reading (yeah, as if she reads). I tell her the title of the book and then tell her, "You know, I was really into that last band." She looks at me. "Oh, I'm sorry. You're kidding, right?" Uh, no. They're the only reason why I went to the concert last night. So then she proceeds to tell me how bad she feels and how she's normally a really nice person and she wants to buy me a drink to make up for it, etc. I refused the drink (there's nothing more unappealing than an alcoholic drink when you see the nasty effects of it on someone else) and then continued to read until the Counting Crows came on stage. They sounded good, did part of the set acoustic, which was neat. Then I got really tired during the encore and left.

And such was the concert last night. It is quite disheartening to me to have gone to many concerts in the past few months and to have similar experiences each time. I really think that either a.) alcohol should be prohibited from concerts, or b.) that Ticketmaster should have the following ticket classifications:

  1. General Admission (GA)

  2. Loge (L)

  3. Mezzanine (Mezz)

  4. Drunk Middle-Aged Women (DMAW).

- Jenny, 12/12/2002 10:04:00 AM

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